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World Services for the Blind: Marketing & Communications Director

Program Marketing Materials  (PDF)

Seasons Greetings from WSB  (PDF)

Holiday Donor Appeal 2012 (PDF)

New Life newsletter, Winter 2012 (PDF)

New Life newsletter, Summer 2012 (PDF)

New Life newsletter, Winter 2013 (PDF)

P. Allen Smith/Hortus, Ltd.: Publications Director

Fall Tours 2011
Fall Tours 2011
Holiday Tours 2011
Holiday Tours 2011
IGC Cruise Promo
IGC Cruise Promo
IGC Email Blast 2011
IGC Email Blast 2011
TOTF October Harvest Festival
TOTF October Harvest Festival

Blog Posts & Features Ghostwritten for Mr. Smith

PAS guest blog for Tobi Fairley Design

AY Magazine

Take it Outside, December 2011

Garden Gourmet, January, 2011

Blueberry Bliss, February 2011

Plant it Pink Tulip Festival, March 2011

Herbal Infusion, April 2011

In the Rose Garden, May 2011

Summer Bulbs for Bold Colors and Tropical Foliage, June 2011

Celebrate! Arkansas

Summer Bulbs, June 2010 (PDF)

Small-Space Showstoppers, July 2010 (PDF)

Under Pressure: Canning, September 2010 (PDF)

Planting Daffodils, October 2010 (PDF)

Going Green: Holiday Collection Promo, November 2010 (PDF)

Orchids as Alternatives, December 2010 (PDF)

Comfort Cuisine, January 2011(PDF)

12 Principles of Design, February 2011 (PDF)

Ultimate Flower Guide, March 2011 (PDF)

Card Deck Launch, April 2011 (PDF)

Grocery Headquarters Magazine

Food Forum: Turkeys with History, November 2010

Food Forum: Flower Power, March 2011

Food Forum: A Trip to the Local Watering Hole, September 2011

Hobby Farm Home

Garden to Table Announcement

Winrock International: Communications Officer

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American Carbon Registry NOSSI Program (PDF)

Mozambique Girls Scholarship Program (PDF)

South Africa AEI-AGSP Program (PDF)

US Programs Overview (PDF)

Nepal Farmer-to-Farmer Program (PDF)

Sudan BRIDGE Program (PDF)

Global Projects 2008 (annual report) (PDF)

Global Projects 2009 (annual report) (PDF)

At Home in Arkansas: Managing Editor

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Restore & Restyle 2007

2007 Summer Party Planner

Kitchen & Bath Style 2007

Artist Profile: James Hayes